January 10, 2017

New America Rising Video: “Revisionist History”

Tonight, President Barack Obama will give his final major speech as president. During his address to the nation, President Obama will certainly try and use his time in order to push forward a narrative that his presidency was a great success.

Yet as a new video from America Rising shows, on issue after issue President Obama led this country to disaster. In his own words, our new video shows that President Obama was painfully out of touch with where his policies would lead.

  • He said that if you liked your plan you could keep it, and now millions have lost their preferred health insurance because of Obamacare.
  • On ISIS, President Obama called them the “JV” team, and in the years since they’ve overrun major parts of Iraq and Syria.
  • President Obama said the private sector was “doing fine,” while millions of Americans were unable to find work.

The list goes on and on. President Obama will try his best tonight to persuade the country that he leaves behind a positive legacy. Unfortunately, the results of his presidency say something entirely different.