December 9, 2016

New America Rising Video: “Utter Disarray”

In the space of the month since Hillary Clinton’s loss, the Democratic Party has come apart at the seams. President Obama came into office with historically large Democratic margins, and is leaving with the House and Senate firmly in Republican control. Since Obama became president Democrats have lost 919 seats in state legislatures, 70 in the House of Representatives, and 12 in the Senate.

As America Rising’s new video shows, this state of affairs has left those Democratic leaders still standing “scrambling” to assert control in the Democratic civil war. At the same time, far-left politicians like Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, and Keith Ellison are trying to move the Democratic party in a radical direction.

A month into this new reality for Democrats, there’s only one conclusion that can be drawn. They are a political party in “utter disarray.”