January 27, 2016

NEW AUDIO: Clinton’s Only Email Regret Is Getting Caught

During an editorial board interview in Iowa yesterday, Secretary Clinton was again asked about her private email server. Reminded that she called using one device for work and personal email a “mistake” in the summer, Clinton was asked by the Quad-City Times editorial board why on Monday night during CNN’s town hall she refused to call using a private email a mistake.

QUAD-CITY TIMES ED BOARD: “So it was a mistake because of the reaction”


ED BOARD: “Not because it would have made sense to use a work email for work purposes?”

CLINTON: “It made sense – look, look – I know that this remains a subject of some interest, obviously. You’re asking me, they asked me last night. The facts have not changed. …”

To be clear: Clinton readily admitted that the only reason she said her email scandal was a mistake was because she got caught and the media fallout that ensued.