August 16, 2016

New Details Emerge About Bill Clinton’s Possible North Korean Speaking Engagement

Bill and Hillary Clinton’s penchant for giving big money speeches has been a persistent problem for the latter’s presidential campaign this year. Now new information, first reported by the Washington Examiner, puts the Clintons’ mania for money in a harsh new light.

The new report shows that Bill Clinton wanted to deliver a big money speech in North Korea at the Kaesong Industrial Complex:

“In March 2012, the former president received an invitation to speak at the Kaesong Industrial Complex in North Korea, where dozens of South Korean companies took advantage of the lower wages permitted north of the demilitarized zone by shifting parts of their operation there. According to Human Rights Watch, the labor laws governing work at the Kaesong campus ‘fall well short of international standards.'”

Significantly, Hillary Clinton’s brother Tony Rodham helped facilitate the speaking opportunity. Even when the State Department declined to approve the North Korea speech, Clinton Foundation officials pushed back:

“When a Clinton Foundation official reached out to Cheryl Mills, Hillary Clinton’s chief of staff, in May 2012 to inquire as to whether the State Department would have ‘concerns’ about Bill Clinton speaking in North Korea, the official specified that the invitation ‘came via Tony Rodham.’ Mills replied bluntly: ‘Decline it.’ But Amitabh Desai, the foundation employee, pushed back, asking Mills to provide ‘any specific concerns … beyond just saying it would be concerning for [the U.S. government]” given Rodham’s involvement. Desai noted Rodham was slated to meet with Bill Clinton ‘in a couple of hours.'”

Shockingly, Clinton wanted to speak at the Kaesong Industrial Complex even though the South Korean government accused the North Koreans of “diverting money” from the complex to fund the brutal regime’s nuclear weapons program. While it has long been clear the Clintons will do almost anything for money, few would have imagined that the Clintons would willingly associate themselves with the harshest regime in the world. Yet now it appears there is no limit to their rapacious greed.