October 5, 2016

New Email Show Clinton’s State Department Focus Divided By Family Interests

New details are emerging today about the tangled web of connections surrounding Hillary Clinton. Citizens United have released 198 new email pages between Clinton’s State Department aides and Clinton Foundation employees. The newly released emails provide new details about the establishment of the “Friends of the Clinton Centre.” The Centre was a 501c3 that was created to facilitate business interests in Ireland and Northern Ireland according to the Washington Post:

“’Stella O’Leary called to say she saw HRC this week and that HRC ‘firmly instructed’ her to urgently form a 501c3 called Friends of the Clinton Centre,” Desai wrote. Referring to both Clintons by their initials, Desai continued: ‘I also asked if the new org could be flexible so that any funding raised could be used in whatever manner WJC and HRC wish in Ireland and Northern Ireland and not restricted to support only the current iteration of the Clinton Centre in Enniskillen.’”

The emails released today by Citizens United show that Hillary Clinton was actively involved in these deliberations, while she was still Secretary of State. In this email, Clinton’s State Department Chief of Staff questions her about her involvement:


These newly released emails raise serious questions about the extent of Clinton’s freelancing for her family’s interests while serving as the United States’ top diplomat. These continuing revelations about her personal conflicts of interest show she cannot be trusted to serve as president of the United States.