October 28, 2015

New Future45 Ad: Clinton’s War In Libya

This morning, the new super PAC Future45 released an ad that takes a hard look at Hillary Clinton’s record as Secretary of State, particularly her failed record in Libya.

As has been frequently documented, Hillary Clinton was a “strong advocate” for U.S. intervention in Libya, even arguing against key members of President Obama’s foreign policy team: Defense Secretary Robert Gates, National Security Adviser Tom Donilon, and Director of Counterterrorism John Brennan.

Today, Libya is in disarray. With no plan after toppling Gaddafi, Clinton’s war in Libya opened the door to terrorists like ISIS to enter the country and set up shop. As described in The New York Times, Libya is “a lawless country full of assassins and jihadist training camps.”

And to quote Clinton herself about her tenure at the State Department: “I was responsible for quite a bit…”