December 8, 2015

New Hampshire Feels The Pain Caused By Clinton-Backed Obamacare

Today in New Hampshire, Hillary Clinton is hosting a townhall in Salem. A question on the minds New Hampshire citizens will no doubt be why Hillary Clinton continues to strongly embrace Obamacare, even as it proves to be a such a disaster for middle-class Americans.

Recently, the New Hampshire Union Leader ran a few of the countless Obamacare horror stories that show how the law is negatively impacting Granite Staters’ lives.

Andrew Santom, Litchfield

Before 2014, I had a PPO that cost me $165 (family) per pay period, and all I had was a $25 co-pay, no deductible. Once the ACA rolled out, the same PPO plan jumped to $557 (family) a pay period, with a $25 co-pay, a $2,000 deductible and $5,000 max out of pocket.

Rosanne Breault, Merrimack

I applied for coverage through I never actually enrolled. Due to the cost, I chose the penalty and so I am actually uninsured… My decision to take the fine rather than the coverage was based on a choice — keeping my car to get to work or medical insurance. I couldn’t have both.

Bruce and Susan Lambert, Nashua

Before Obamacare, our (employer-sponsored) insurance had a $1,500 family deductible. Now it is $3,000… I suppose if you are wealthy, the $3,000 deductible may not mean much, or indigent, when I suppose Obamacare picks up most of the cost. But to the average middle income folks (like us) this is huge. At my age, I shouldn’t have to worry about seeing the doctor if there is an issue, but I am, as I don’t want to incur substantial expense to my family. You basically have to “set aside” $3,000 to cover any doctor bill, visit or procedure.

If Hillary Clinton was really as committed to championing “everyday Americans” as she claims, she would apologize for supporting Obamacare and work to repeal it.