July 24, 2013

New Hampshire Newspapers Unleash On Shaheen’s Evasion And Lack Of Transparency

Apparently nobody in New Hampshire is happy with Jeanne Shaheen’s evasive answers when she was asked why she skipped out on her job as the Granite State’s U.S. Senator. It turned out she was fundraising for her reelection campaign in New York City. Here’s what the major newspapers in New Hampshire had to say about Shaheen.

The Telegraph [Nashua, NH] says Shaheen should be “ashamed”:

That, we suppose, is what passes for honesty in politics these days, and the senator should be ashamed of holding her constituents in such low esteem that she would try to deceive them.

Foster’s Daily Democrat wonders “does the fire burn no longer” for Shaheen to do the job of a U.S. Senator?

But there appears to be a disturbing pattern emerging which is reminiscent of her last term in office as New Hampshire’s governor – one in which she lost interest in the job.

New Hampshire Union Leader sarcastically notes Shaheen’s priorities:

So now we know where U.S. Sen. Jeanne Shaheen was last Monday during a mandatory Senate meeting on changing the chamber’s rules regarding the filibuster. Her office admitted on Friday that she skipped the meeting to attend her own campaign’s fundraiser in New York City. Priorities, priorities.