November 24, 2015

New Hampshire Unions Rebel Against National Union Love For Clinton

A pattern is emerging in Hillary Clinton’s union endorsements: union bosses push through an endorsement for Clinton, followed closely by actual union members at the local level endorsing Senator Bernie Sanders. We saw local union dissatisfaction in New Hampshire when the SEIU endorsed Clinton last week, and now we are seeing the same thing with the Ironworkers.

Yesterday, the Iron Workers announced their endorsement of Hillary Clinton. Yet the very next day, the Iron Workers Local 7, which represents members in critical New Hampshire, endorsed Senator Sanders. In their endorsement the Iron Workers Local 7 stated that:

Whether it’s his support for a $15 minimum wage, his willingness to take on Wall Street or his commitment to getting corporate money out of politics, Bernie’s vision for America is our vision.

This means that two local New Hampshire unions broke with union bosses when union bosses picked Clinton over Sanders. As the New Hampshire Union Leader said the battle for organized labor in New Hampshire remains a “close race” between Sanders and Clinton. More bad news for Clinton, who continues to trail Senator Sanders in the New Hampshire primary.