February 3, 2016

New Hampshire Voters Don’t Trust Hillary Clinton

This evening CNN hosts a Democratic town hall in New Hampshire, a place where voters don’t view Hillary Clinton as “honest and trustworthy.”

A recent CNN/WMUR poll found:

In the new poll, Clinton was named by 55 percent as the “least honest” candidate, as compared to 2 percent for Sanders and 5 percent for O’Malley, while 36 percent said they did not know.

Before the town hall, CNN took to the streets to ask voters what questions they would like Clinton to answer.

One voter still had concerns over Clinton’s use of a private email server, an issue Clinton still insists voters don’t care about.

Another voter wanted to know if Clinton thought Benghazi was terrorist attack from the start, which is another issue Clinton insists she has put to rest.

A New Hampshire man earlier in the day said, “I think for me, I just right now can’t vote for Hillary. I can’t believe her.”

If feedback from these Granite State voters is any indication, Secretary Clinton is in some serious trouble.