October 6, 2016

New Indiana Poll Must Make Bayh Glad He Didn’t Quit His Day Jobs

It’s a good thing Evan Bayh didn’t quit his many, many day jobs when he decided to run for U.S. Senate in Indiana. After all, Bayh has made millions since leaving the Senate sitting on the boards of banking, oil, plastics and real estate companies, while also been a senior adviser for major financial and lobbying firms. Surprisingly, Bayh did not quit those many lucrative positions this summer, instead saying he will only resign from his jobs if he won.

A new WTHR/HPI Indiana poll must have Bayh very happy with his decision to stay involved in his numerous corporate positions, as the race is now deadlocked:

“Evan Bayh and Todd Young are locked in a statistical tie as they enter the final month of their Senate campaigns. The WTHR/HPI Indiana Poll has Republican Representative Todd Young pulling to within one point of Democrat Evan Bayh.”

At one point in this race, Bayh was touting a lead of more than 20 points. Yet as the many reporters pointed out after this new poll was released, Bayh’s collapsing support is an ominous sign for his Senate chances: