December 22, 2015

New Poll: Nearly 6 In 10 Americans Think Clinton Is Dishonest & Untrustworthy

A new Quinnipiac poll out today brings more bad news for Secretary Clinton: her favorability numbers are practically unchanged and remain overwhelmingly negative. This poll found, “Clinton has a negative 43 – 51 percent favorability rating” and voters say, 59 – 35 percent, that Clinton is not honest and trustworthy.

The Clinton campaign has tried in vain to create the perception of positive momentum. Yet Clinton has failed to turn these troubling poll numbers around, despite at least 179 campaign events, including three major national security speeches within the last month, and over $44 million in campaign spending through September, which includes at least $13.8 million on TV ads in New Hampshire and Iowa alone.

And, despite her campaign’s best efforts, as the year ends, a majority of American voters agree that Clinton does not care about their needs and problems and does not share their values. As the campaign enters 2016, it seems it will need to find a new, likable Hillary 7.0.