June 28, 2017

New Poll On Pelosi Show Democrats Committed To Unpopular Leader

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi’s unpopularity was a devastating drag on Jon Ossoff’s Congressional campaign. Yet new polls show that Democrats have their head in the sand about the political peril of Nancy Pelosi:

“But among Democratic voters, just over a quarter, 27 percent, want Pelosi booted as the party’s leader in the chamber. That’s fewer than the 41 percent who want Pelosi to stay, and the 31 percent who don’t have an opinion.”

Democrats are alone in their high opinion of Pelosi though. The House Minority Leader remains “among the most unpopular figures in American politics”:

“The same split is evident in Pelosi’s favorability ratings. Overall, 31 percent of voters view Pelosi favorably, compared with 46 percent who view her unfavorably.”

Pelosi’s low favorable numbers are also seen in a new series of polls by the Congressional Leadership Fund. Their polls found that in many key House districts, Pelosi’s number are underwater:

“In a memo to interested parties (with the subject line #StandWithPelosi) on Tuesday, CLF executive director Corry Bliss released polling from 11 GOP-held districts that showed Pelosi with higher unfavorable numbers than favorable numbers. The surveys, commissioned ahead of CLF launching its national field program, were conducted in the last 60 days, but CLF did not release its survey methodology.”

The longer Democrats avoid reality on Pelosi, the better it is for Republicans. These new polls confirm that America does not want Nancy Pelosi leading the House of Representatives again.