January 26, 2016

New Polls Show Clinton Lacks Iowa Values

With the Iowa Caucus only a week away, a new Iowa State University/WHO-HD Iowa Caucus poll is bringing bad news to the gasping Clinton campaign. Two months ago, this same poll had Clinton ahead of Sanders 49.5% to 27.8%. Yet the poll now shows the Democratic primary to be extremely close. Today only two points separate Clinton and Sanders, 47.4% to 45% in Iowa.

Perhaps more troubling for Clinton is that “survey respondents said honesty and trustworthy is the top quality they look for when supporting a candidate.” Clinton has long been tagged as a candidate who will say or day anything for political gain, and Iowa voters have clearly picked up on that. Among those voters Sanders was considered stronger on honesty by over twenty points.

Echoing that finding was a new Fox News poll that also found that the #1 issue for Iowa voters was finding a candidate that was “honest and trustworthy.” Among those voters who valued honesty and trustworthiness, a whopping 64% support Senator Bernie Sanders, while only 20% like Clinton.

We saw a manifestation of the view that Clinton was not honest at CNN’s Iowa Town Hall. The first question Clinton faced was from a young voter who asked why he and his friends viewed her as dishonest.

And this morning, David Axelrod highlighted how even today Clinton struggles to honestly apologize for her private scandal. Axelrod highlights the contradiction between Clinton’s answer last night and her previous answers on the subject.