September 2, 2016

New Questions Arise About Clinton Foundation’s “Special Access” To Clinton State Department

Doug Band was not a diplomat nor even a government employee, yet such was his sense of entitlement, after so long in the Clintons’ orbit, that he felt no compunction at asking Hillary Clinton’s State Department in 2009 for a diplomatic passport. That shocking new revelation was reported by The New York Times today, based on the latest email release from Judicial Watch.

Diplomatic passports, as any normal person should expect, are not given out freely. They are reserved for employees of the State Department:

“The request by the adviser, Douglas J. Band, who started one arm of the Clintons’ charitable foundation, was unusual, and the State Department never issued the passport. Only department employees and others with diplomatic status are eligible for the special passports, which help envoys facilitate travel, officials said.”

It should come as no surprise, except maybe to Mr. Band, that his “unusual” request was never fulfilled. This new report from the Times raises “new questions about whether people tied to the Clinton Foundation received special access at the department.” Perhaps Hillary Clinton will do the American people the justice of having a press conference and answering them.