September 30, 2013

New Release: The Rodham Rules

Tonight Hillary Rodham Clinton hosts her first political fundraiser since leaving the Obama Administration for long-time pal Terry McAuliffe. The Clintons, McAuliffes, and Rodhams have a long sordid past of political cronyism that skirts ethical and legal boundaries. For the full background see: “The Rodham Rules”.

Their current scandal may be the most egregious yet. McAuliffe installed Hillary’s brother Tony Rodham as the Chairman In Name Only of a company charged with acquiring Chinese investors in exchange for visas using a government program with national security implications.

According to the New York Times, the company traded on the Rodham name to ask the Obama Administration to fast track this cash for visa scheme and line his and Terry McAuliffe’s pockets with Chinese money.

Clinton must be forced to answer:

Why would she allow her brother to lobby the government for money on an issue with sensitive national security implications while she was Secretary of State?

McAuliffe must be forced to answer:

As Governor, would he ban family members, political cronies, and those he’s done business with from lobbying the government?

If past is prologue, we know the answer. They will continue to play by the Rodham Rules. Granting as much access and favoritism for political cronies as they can get away with.