June 16, 2017

New Report On Buffalo Billions Presents Major Problems For Cuomo

The ethical troubles plaguing Governor Andrew Cuomo (D-NY) show no sign of abating. Next year, Governor Cuomo will run for re-election with multiple scandals and trials still in the news.

The major scandal hanging over Cuomo’s head is related to bid-rigging by his former top aide Joe Percoco on the Buffalo Billions project. A review of the Cuomo administration’s handling of the Buffalo Billions project was recently obtained by the Buffalo News, and it’s not good for Cuomo. The report slams the Cuomo administration for the “systemic problems” in their “handling” of finances related to the project:

“The Manhattan attorney hired by Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo’s office to review state procedures in the aftermath of subpoenas related to the Buffalo Billion project has identified ‘systemic problems’ in the state’s handling of $49 million in bills. Bart M. Schwartz, chairman of Guidepost Solutions LLC, also refers to the state’s ‘sloppy process’ while recommending that $49 million of the $417 million analyzed in money owed to vendors be withheld. The conclusions are included in a report obtained by The Buffalo News under a Freedom of Information request filed with the state comptroller.”

Given the fact that eight people in total were indicted for activities related to Buffalo Billions, this new report shows that they were part of a larger systemic failure on the Cuomo administration’s part. Perhaps if Cuomo were more concerned with good government, this awful stain on his administration’s record would have been avoided.