August 17, 2016

New Report: State Dept Sought Land From Major Clinton Foundation Donor

Last night, Fox News reported that less than two months after Hillary Clinton left the State Department, the foreign policy agency reached out to buy land from a major Clinton Foundation donor in Nigeria, raising more questions about the conflict of interest between the Clinton Foundation and the State Department.

According to the report, in 2011, Clinton’s State Department “‘prioritized’ the search for a new consulate location in Lagos,” Nigeria, and at the direction of an “independent international real estate firm” identified land at Eko Atlantic, a new development off the coast of Lagos. The Eko Atlantic development is being spearheaded by Chagoury Group, a company co-founded by Gilbert Chagoury, a $1 to $5 million donor to the Clinton Foundation who was given special treatment by Clinton’s State Department.

The Clinton connections do not end there. President Bill Clinton first visited Eko Atlantic in 2009, attending the project’s groundbreaking. He visited again in February 2013, only weeks after Secretary Clinton left office and amid the State Department’s search for land in Nigeria. Also present during Bill Clinton’s 2013 tour was Gilbert Chagoury’s brother Ronald Chagoury, a co-founder of Chagoury Group, U.S. Ambassador to Nigeria Terence McCulley, and Nigeria Consul General Jeff Hawkins.

According to Fox Report, less than a month later, Hawkins was included on an email from an “international realty specialist,” instructing State Department officials to send an “expression of interest” for land on Eko Atlantic. The intended recipient was none other than Ronald Chagoury, who had joined Bill Clinton and Hawkins at Eko Atlantic only a few weeks before.

When asked about the possible purchase this week, State Department spokesperson Elizabeth Trudeau revealed that, five years later, the purchase had still not been completed, and said she was “not aware” if Hillary Clinton knew about the possible purchase. However, with reports that Chagoury had previously received special treatment from Clinton’s State Department, it is becoming increasingly difficult for the Clintons to argue it was all a coincidence.