October 28, 2016

New Teneo Scandal Has Clinton Campaign Scrambling

The Teneo memo discovered Wednesday has already rocked Hillary Clinton’s campaign. Doug Band’s “unsavory” behavior is once again causing headaches for all involved.

As shown by Senator Tim Kaine’s response, the Clinton campaign knows there is no good answer for these new charges. Speaking with a local reporter, Kaine actually said that Bill Clinton was “entitled” to profit from his web of connections:

Now fresh reporting by the Daily Beast has started to connect the dots between Teneo, Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton’s State Department. They show that companies that hired Teneo and gave contributions to the Clinton Foundation, just so happened to win favorable rulings from the Clinton-run State Department.

One particular example is Alibaba. The Chinese company is a notable Teneo client, who also gave to the Clinton Foundation, and who lobbied the State Department in 2012:

“Alibaba lobbied the State Department in 2012 regarding intellectual property rights and ‘property protection on website and market in China,’ according to its federal lobbying disclosures. Alibaba’s contributions to the Clinton Foundation have long drawn criticism because of the company’s alleged complicitness in Chinese government crackdowns on internet freedom.”

Another company that received “favorable outcomes” from lobbying the State Department was Coca-Cola:

“Coca-Cola, another open-handed Clinton Foundation donor which would later become a Teneo client, also received favorable outcomes after lobbying the Clinton State department. Lobbying disclosures from 2010 show Coca-Cola lobbied the State Department and Department of Commerce regarding an excise tax in Pakistan on one of its ingredients. The Pakistani government later nixed that excise tax. It is unclear what exactly happened behind the scenes, but Coca-Cola got what it wanted.”

These examples show government at it’s worst. Hillary Clinton’s complicity in these pay to play schemes weigh heavily against her fitness for high office.