January 5, 2016

New Year, New Addition To Hillary Clinton’s Top Lies & Exaggerations

Hillary Clinton has a reputation for playing fast and lose with the facts on the campaign trail. Today in Iowa, Hillary Clinton was at it again. Following President Obama’s big gun speech, Clinton was talking about guns and couldn’t help herself from claiming credit. Clinton said:

“‘I am very proud of President Obama’s announcement today,’ Clinton said of the president’s series of executive actions. ‘In fact I feel really good because I called for some of those measures a few months ago.'”

The truth is Obama’s gun proposals are all things he proposed years ago:

Background Checks:

Obama’s 2013 proposal: Requiring criminal background checks for all gun sales, including those by private sellers that currently are exempt.

Clinton’s 2015 proposal:​​ Closing the Charleston loophole, tightening gun show and internet sales loophole

Mental Illness:

Obama’s 2013 proposal:​ Providing financing to expand mental health programs for young people.

Clinton’s 2015 proposal:​​ Improve existing law prohibiting persons suffering from severe mental illness from purchasing or possessing a gun.

Straw Purchases:

Obama’s 2013 proposal:​ Increasing criminal penalties for “straw purchasers,” people who pass the required background check to buy a gun on behalf of someone else.

Clinton’s 2015 proposal:​​ When an individual with a clean record buys a gun with the intention of giving it to a violent felon – only so that felon can avoid a background check – it should be a crime. Currently, “straw purchasing” is a paperwork violation. This needs to change.

It might be a new year, but on the campaign trail Hillary Clinton is still the candidate who will say or do anything to help herself politically.