September 15, 2016

“New York City Doesn’t Need Another Member Of Congress”

Vermonter Zephyr Teachout wasn’t able to explain away her various liabilities during her debate with John Faso this afternoon. Throughout the debate, Faso hammered home the fact that Teachout is an opportunistic politician, whose values don’t line up with New York’s 19th Congressional District.

As reporters watching the debate noted, Teachout’s Brooklyn and Vermont residencies were a point of continual reference. See below for some of the highlights of the debate:

Zephyr Teachout was pressed by debate moderators almost immediately on the hypocrisy of her campaign finance stance. Teachout claims to be a supporter of campaign finance reform, yet is fundraising with the infamous Soros family. George Soros plans on spending $25 million this year. Teachout’s hypocrisy on this issue had her on the defensive from the start:

Teachout’s other major liability is that she’s so new to the congressional district. During Teachout’s unsuccessful race against Governor Cuomo in 2014 she was a resident of Brooklyn. Still, Teachout couldn’t help touting the years she spent growing up in Vermont during the debate:

And in the line of the debate, Faso encapsulated Teachout’s carpetbagging problems in a single phrase. Faso stated that New York City had enough representation in Congress, they didn’t need yet another uber-liberal member of Congress: