February 29, 2016

New York Dem Dodges Relevant GITMO Question Because It’s Off Topic

Add New York Democrat Zephyr Teachout to the growing list of Democrats who are using every excuse possible to avoid talking about the President’s decision to close the Guantanamo Bay prison. At a recent policy forum, Teachout, who is running for Congress in the state’s 19th District, was asked by an audience member what her position on the prison’s closure was. Teachout refused to answer the question because she believed it was off topic.

QUESTIONER: “This is kind of off topic, but with the President’s announcement of closing Guantanamo Bay, what’s your position on closing it or what to do with the detainees?” TEACHOUT: “I am going to stay on topic tonight because I feel like we could very easily turn into a all public policy array, thank you.”

In light of the President’s call to bring GITMO detainees to the United States, Teachout’s dodge is particularly egregious. Considering the implications of such a decision, it’s irrelevant whether Teachout thinks the question is “on topic” or not- voters deserve to know where she stands on the issue.