April 18, 2016

New York Democrat’s Campaign Finance Hypocrisy

New York Democrat Zephyr Teachout has tried to carefully cultivate her image as a campaign finance activist and recently ran the MAYDAY PAC organization. In January, she proposed a “people’s pledge” with her opponents to keep outside money out of the race, but said her campaign was still working out the details of which kinds of outside help she would accept.

With her first FEC fundraising report now available, it is clear that Teachout’s talk on campaign finance reform was nothing more than campaign rhetoric. In the first quarter, Teachout received $20,900 from the Soros family. Financier George Soros and his son Jonathan are mega-donors to Democracy Alliance, a group that Politico calls “the left’s secret club” and Mother Jones describes as “the liberal answer to the Koch donor network.”

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So while Teachout continues her dogmatic attacks against big money in politics, perhaps she should start by examining her own donor network first.