October 26, 2016

New York Residents Solve De Blasio’s Helicopter Mystery

When New York Mayor Bill de Blasio stonewalled reporters asking why he needed a helicopter on a regular Friday, there was something he didn’t count on: New York City residents with eyes. According to fresh reporting from the New York Daily News, New Yorkers have now placed de Blasio at the scene of his usual Friday hangout:

“Responding to an appeal from the Daily News about the whereabouts of Mayor de Blasio in Brooklyn before he used an NYPD helicopter to travel from Prospect Park to Queens, people are starting to provide details about how he filled the hours before his flight. Clue one: Bar Toto — a favorite hangout.”

The Mayor needed to take a taxpayer-funded helicopter to a speech in the evening, but according to one Brooklyn resident, he was just strolling down the street at 3pm:

“Karrie Jacobs, a Brooklyn resident and design writer, said she saw the mayor around 3 p.m. in a white button down shirt with no jacket in the south end of the neighborhood walking in the direction of Bar Toto. ‘I was walking up 14th Street and just as I got to 6th Avenue, I thought, ‘Boy, that guy looks familiar,’ said Jacobs.”

The Daily News’ efforts to crack the case still won’t draw a comment from the Mayor’s office though. For the 11th day in a row there’s silence from his communications office:

“His City Hall spokesman Eric Phillips for the 11th day in a row refused to divulge the mayor’s schedule or why he needed a pricy helicopter ride to get to his speech in Long Island City, saying only that he’d been at ‘meetings’ in Brooklyn.”

De Blasio’s casual use of a $600 an hour helicopter is just the latest example of his disregard for the city he supposedly governs. With his re-election campaign only a year away, de Blasio is astoundingly still coming up with new ways to piss of New Yorkers.