May 30, 2017

New Yorkers Demand Answers From Cuomo On Latest Scandal

Governor Andrew Cuomo (D-NY) has spent 2017 trying to dodge one scandal after another. The latest disgrace Cuomo and his cronies are dealing with concerns a potentially illegal $25,000 campaign donation that was procured by his political ally Steven Pigeon:

“The federal complaint, based on emails seized from Pigeon’s waterfront condo during a 2015 raid, alleges he conspired to hide the true source of the foreign contribution while arranging it for a Manhattan event featuring the governor. He could face five years in jail if convicted. The complaint adds that Pigeon, two others anonymously listed in the papers ‘and possibly others,’ conspired to make the donation.”

Yet while these serious charges were announced weeks ago, Governor Cuomo has been quiet as a mouse about them:

“Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo’s government and political associates continue to avoid answering questions about connections between his 2014 campaign and a federal complaint facing political operative G. Steven Pigeon. The Buffalo News made several attempts to discuss the $25,000 donation Pigeon allegedly sought to procure in 2014 – a centerpiece of the complaint against him. None of the attempts was successful.”

Cuomo himself took no questions during a recent visit to Buffalo. Furthermore, questions directed at the Governor’s spokesman led to a circular round of dodges from him and the New York Democratic Party. Governor Cuomo shows no sign of answering for the culture of corruption he has inflicted on New York. New Yorkers deserve better.