February 10, 2016

News Of A Possible Clinton Campaign Shake Up Is All Over The Nightly News

If the old proverb “where there’s smoke there’s fire” is true, then Hillary Clinton’s Brooklyn HQ is ablaze right now, following last nights demoralizing loss in New Hampshire.

Leading up to the New Hampshire primary there were several news reports that Bill and Hillary Clinton were, “dissatisfied with their campaign’s messaging and digital operations” and that they were considering staffing changes after New Hampshire.

Today, NBC’s Andrea Mitchell reported:

MITCHELL: A team now considering big changes like adjusting their message. In her concession Clinton echoing Sanders trying to appeal to Sanders’ supporters… Top Clinton supporters tell NBC News they are alarmed by voters’ reason for abounding Clinton, losing to Sanders on honesty and trustworthiness by a whopping 86 points, and the potential first female President losing women by 11 points and young women by 59 points.

CBS’s Nancy Cordes reported on Clinton’s struggle with female voters:

CORDES: Clinton aides acknowledge she needs to reconnect with women who flocked to her first bid. In 2008, she won New Hampshire women by 12 points. Last night, she lost them by nearly the same margin.

If Clinton supporters think Nevada will be a rebound victory for the struggling campaign they should think again. ABC’s Cecilia Vega is reporting that the Clinton campaign is “worried about what could happen in Nevada.”