August 20, 2015

News Reports: Cook County Democrats Non-Endorsement “A Blow” To Duckworth

The fallout from DSCC handpicked candidate Rep. Tammy Duckworth’s failure to score the coveted endorsement from the Cook County Democratic Party continued this morning, with news reports out of Chicago calling the move a “blow” to her candidacy and a victory for primary rival Andrea Zopp. Chicago’s WTTW reports:

Instead of getting the endorsement, Duckworth faced tough questions about her pending legal troubles:

Duckworth tried to downplay the trial scheduled in southern Illinois next year that concerns two employees from her time leading the Illinois Department of Veterans’ Affairs who complained about her reaction to their ethics complaints.

She said she didn’t know if she’ll be called to testify.

The friendly fire in Illinois is also a blow to the DSCC and national Democrats, whose efforts at meddling in primaries are being met with stiff resistance from local Democrats who – call them crazy – want to choose their own candidates.