Free Beacon: DNC Chairman Won’t Say if He Believes Assault Allegations Against Ellison

Democratic National Committee chairman Tom Perez wouldn’t answer when asked if he believes the former girlfriend accusing Rep. Keith Ellison (Minn.), the DNC deputy chair, of assault.

In the video first obtained by the Daily Caller, Perez is walking around at the DNC Summer Meeting in Chicago when an American Rising tracker asks if he believes Ellison’s accuser and why Ellison hasn’t been asked to step down while the matter is investigated.

“Mr. Perez, do you believe the women who have accused Keith Ellison, Mr. Perez?” the tracker asked. “Mr. Perez, do you believe the allegations against Keith Ellison? Mr. Perez?”

“Mr. Perez? Why haven’t you asked Keith Ellison to step down while the review is being conducted? Mr. Perez? These are pretty serious things that deserve serious answers,” the tracker said.


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