New York Magazine: What Hurts a Political Opponent in the Age of Trump?

…The walls of Joe Pounder’s fifth-floor corner office above a Target in the grey Rosslyn neighborhood of Arlington, Virginia, are also crammed with framed newspaper front-pages. Behind a collection of Washington Nationals bobbleheads, and above the shelves of books about prominent Democrats, there’s the Miami Herald from the day after Marco Rubio was elected to the Senate in 2010, inches from the New York Times’ report on Republicans’ big wins in 2014’s midterms. Sitting behind his desk with a MacBook open and wearing a black fleece Patagonia vest over a windowpane button-down while downing coffee from a large paper cup, Pounder cuts the exact profile one might expect of a high-level Republican political pro. But a stroll through the rest of the slick headquarters of America Rising, the five-year-old GOP answer to American Bridge, feels more like a tour of a mid-stage tech start-up — complete with blond wood floors and bright yellow painted trim — than a conservative committee, aside from the occasional understated nod to the Republican Party (like the blown-up photo of a herd of elephants behind the reception desk).

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