WASHINGTON EXAMINER: Records request flood in about Clinton, Lynch meeting

Amid a fierce backlash over the Justice Department’s decision to close its investigation of Hillary Clinton this week without pressing charges, law enforcement officials must now face Freedom of Information Act requests seeking details of the controversial meeting between Attorney General Loretta Lynch and former President Bill Clinton.

America Rising, a Republican political action committee, submitted 20 FOIA requests to the Justice Department and state attorney general offices seeking discussions about the secret meeting, which came just one week before FBI Director James Comey announced he would not recommend an indictment for the former secretary of state.

The request to the Justice Department sought emails and text messages related to Lynch’s meeting with Bill Clinton, as well as a copy of her official work calendar for June 27, the day of her brush with the former president.

Those documents could shed light on whether the meeting aboard a private jet in Phoenix was truly an impromptu social visit, as Lynch has said.

The requests to state attorney general offices sought emails and text messages discussing Lynch’s contact with the husband of an individual who was then the subject of an FBI investigation. Such records could provide insight into how state attorneys general characterized the meeting in their private communications.

Democrats and Republicans alike decried the meeting as inappropriate.

“Attorney General Lynch and President Clinton have helped turn what should have been a serious investigation into a farce,” Jeff Bechdel, spokesman for America Rising, told the Washington Examiner.

“From the start, Lynch’s refusal to install a special prosecutor in this case has shrouded this investigation with questions of special treatment and judicial malpractice,” he added. “The American people deserve answers, and that is why America Rising is doing its part to lift the veil of secrecy behind this clandestine and highly inappropriate meeting.”

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