August 12, 2016

Nightmarish Clinton Foundation Headlines Lead To Another Poor Clinton Week

During a week where Clinton wanted to shift focus to her (not new) economic plans, she couldn’t escape the bad headlines about the perpetually troublesome Clinton Foundation. Earlier this week Judicial Watch released new emails from Clinton’s State Department tenure that showed Clinton Foundation donors had extraordinary access to top State Department officials. Then yesterday news broke that was even more damaging; this time concerning the FBI’s investigation of Clinton Foundation corruption. CNN reported that three FBI field offices wanted to open a criminal investigation into the Clinton Foundation. These FBI field offices felt there was a legitimate need to look for “criminal conflict of interest” during Clinton’s time as Secretary of State:

“At the time, three field offices were in agreement an investigation should be launched after the FBI received notification from a bank of suspicious activity from a foreigner who had donated to the Clinton Foundation, according to the official. FBI officials wanted to investigate whether there was a criminal conflict of interest with the State Department and the Clinton Foundation during Clinton’s tenure.”

What influence the Obama White House and Attorney General Loretta Lynch had on the quashed investigation is not known at this time. Yet given Lynch’s past conduct concerning the Clintons, the public deserves a full accounting. Additionally, CNN also reported that Cheryl Mills, then Clinton’s State Department chief of staff, interviewed candidates for jobs at the Clinton Foundation. This revelation “raises new questions about the blurred lines” between the Clinton Foundation and the State Department. These three incidents in a single week underscore the argument made by The Charleston Post & Courier in an editorial published this morning. The editorial focuses on “Clinton’s credibility gap” saying that the headlines about Clinton this week “undermine many voters’ already-wary perception” of the Democratic nominee. As these type of public corruption incidents continue to pile up around Clinton’s actions, there will very soon be no trust left to undermine.