December 22, 2015

No Love From The Left For “Benedict Arnold Murphy”

The Orlando Political Observer is reporting that Progressive Democrats of Florida sent out a message Tuesday morning blasting Congressman and Senate candidate Patrick Murphy for allegedly letting his family’s financial interests dictate his decision making.

In addition to insinuating that Murphy’s opposition to high speed rail in Florida had something to do with his father’s company losing a construction contract related to the project, the group slammed Murphy for his past contributions to Republican candidates and support for GOP measures in Congress:

“That has earned him the title of B.A.M. in progressive circles. Introducing Benedict Arnold Murphy… the best Democrat the Koch Brothers and Republican Party can buy. A sad truth we as progressives must realize.”

While this is hardly the first time the liberal grassroots have expressed their disappointment in the Democratic establishment’s favorite son, this latest round of attacks has got to be an unwelcome way for Murphy to usher in 2016.