September 9, 2016

No Surprise: Evan Bayh’s Indiana “Neighbors” Have Never Seen Him

DC influence peddler Evan Bayh abandoned Indiana as soon as he left the Senate in 2011. Now Bayh is counting on his famous last name to bring him back to the Senate. Bayh is seemingly so confident in his ability to win an Indiana election that he still spends most of his time in DC:

Yet Bayh’s residency issues continue to present major problems for the DC property enthusiast. A new investigation by the Indianapolis Star exposed the shocking extent of Bayh’s abandonment of Indiana. In a video posted today, the newspaper interviews two of Bayh’s supposed neighbors who were stunned that the former Senator lives in their neighborhood:

GEORGE LANDIS: “I would not consider him really a resident of this area because I have not seen him around here recently.”

PATRICE ROGERS: “Evan Bayh lives next door? Are you serious? I never knew that. I didn’t. I’m sorry I’ve been over here for three years. I never knew he lived over here. I’m very surprised. I’ve never seen him. No one ever mentioned it out here. I’m very surprised I think that’s very concerning. You don’t even make your presence out here.”

Unfortunately for Bayh, Patrice Rogers’ claim that in three years she hasn’t seen him once makes perfect sense. After all, the major private equity fund Apollo Global Management didn’t hire Bayh to live in Indiana.