October 11, 2016

Non-Partisan Watchdog Calls For Investigation Into Kerry’s State Department

Hillary Clinton isn’t the only Obama Secretary of State that has played fast and loose with ethics laws while serving as our nation’s top diplomat. This afternoon, nonpartisan ethics watchdog the Foundation for Accountability and Civic Trust has called on the State Department’s Inspector General to investigate the “preferential treatment” it appears Secretary Kerry gave to one of his daughters.

The call for the State Department IG to act stems from the fact that Vanessa Kerry’s charity was awarded millions in State Department funding, which, according to The Hill, was renewed in 2015, while Kerry was running the State Department:

“The complaint on Tuesday cited a September story published by the Daily Caller News Foundation claiming that an organization created by Kerry’s daughter, Vanessa, was awarded $9 million in State Department contracts since 2012… ‘The process can be fast tracked and non-competed through a specific grant mechanism,’ the department said in minutes from a 2011 meeting obtained by the news outlet. Kerry was still a U.S. senator when the first contract was granted in 2012, but it was renewed in 2015, after he took the reins at the State Department.”

Matthew Whitaker, the executive director of FACT specifically cited the fact that Kerry’s charity was “fast tracked,” clearly a sign that Kerry’s daughter received “preferential treatment”:

“’Not only does the contract itself indicate there was preferential treatment, but the fact that it was given without competition and years longer than normally allowed, further demonstrates the preferential treatment,’ Whitaker claimed in his complaint.”

The culture of corruption that permeates the State Department during the Obama presidency is a real disservice to our nation. Over the last eight years, special treatment for those with the right connections has sadly become the norm.