December 7, 2016

Nonpartisan Watchdog Releases List Of Worst Ethical Violators Of 2016

2016 was an awful year for Democrats across the country. One major reason for that was that from Hillary Clinton on down, the American people saw Democrats as ethically challenged and out of touch.

The nonpartisan watchdog group, the Foundation for Accountability and Civic Trust, played a key role this year highlighting when Democrats stepped over the line. Now with the year coming to a close they’ve put together a list of the worst ethics violators of 2016. FACT’s list illustrates how Democrats bent and ignored the rules constantly this year.

No list of ethical violators would be complete without Hillary Clinton. Clinton’s historic level of untrustworthiness was likely the key contributor to her historic loss in November.

FACT also highlights a wide-ranging group of Democrats who behaved poorly this year:

  • Many Senate candidates illegally coordinated with a major Democratic SuperPAC.
  • The DCCC made illegal campaign contributions to many House Democrats.
  • House Democrats fundraised off a House floor sit-in.
  • Secretary of State John Kerry steered millions to a charity connected with his daughter.
  • Connecticut Insurance Commissioner Katharine Wade reviewed a Cigna merger, violating conflict of interest laws.

And there’s plenty more where that comes from. FACT’s extensive list shows that if Democrats have any hopes of recovering from their cratering political fortunes, ethical improvements are a must.