July 27, 2016

Not One, Not Two, Not Three, But Five Corruption Investigations Into Mayor Bill De Blasio

New York City Mayor Bill De Blasio is very unpopular. He is also the target of so many criminal investigations New York Magazine had to publish a “A Beginner’s Guide to the Many Investigations Involving Mayor Bill de Blasio.” Here are some of the highlights:

  • De Blasio is subject to a whopping five investigations by six Federal, State, and City government agencies.
  • The five investigations are mostly targeting Mayor De Blasio’s campaign fundraising.
  • One De Blasio ally, Norman Seabrook, has already been arrested by the FBI.
  • De Blasio’s effort to turn the New York Senate using a group called Campaign for One New York is a particular target of multiple investigative agencies.
  • Since the many investigations into De Blasio have gotten underway a majority of New York City residents believe “political corruption is a ‘very serious’ problem.”

All in all, De Blasio fits right in with the ethically-challenged Clintons.