December 15, 2015

Not The Onion: Howard Dean Says Hillary Clinton Makes Decision Based On Facts, Not Politics

Top Clinton surrogate Howard Dean has never been anyone’s paragon of sanity, but today during a campaign swing through Iowa, he took it to a new level when he said:

“First, is she makes decision based on facts, not based on political reason or emotional reason and that is really important because when you are president, you better care what the facts are.

It’s too bad the Washington Post awarded its “biggest Pinnochios of 2015” yesterday, because this whopper from Dean would have taken the cake. From Keystone to trade deal to immigration to gay rights: Hillary Clinton has a long and tortured history of acting out of political expedience.

It’s the main reason the majority of Americans don’t trust or like her.

But according to Howard Dean, Clinton never does anything for political reasons. Almost makes you want to scream in disbelief.