May 31, 2016

With NRDC’s Endorsement, Clinton Double Downs On Anti-Coal Position

Today in a break from their historical stance of staying neutral in presidential campaigns, the NRDC Action Fund has endorsed Hillary Clinton. Afterwards, Clinton released a statement saying she was “honored” to accept the endorsement from the radical environmental group.

The NRDC’s break from their history should come as no surprise though because during this primary campaign, Hillary Clinton has taken the most extreme anti-coal stance of any major candidate, saying she wanted to put coal miners out of business.

A look at the NRDC shows that Clinton and the NRDC Action Fund are a perfect match. After all, the NRDC played a major role in President Obama’s coal plant killing Clean Power Plan. According to Reuters, the White House consulted the NRDC’s plans before releasing their own environmental plan:

“The NRDC’s proposals are significant because the council works closely with the White House and EPA on climate policy and they could have a significant influence on the EPA’s own rulemaking.”

The Chamber of Commerce has estimated that President Obama’s plans, which Clinton has endorsed, could cost the U.S. economy $50 billion a year. No industry faces higher costs from the Clean Power Plan than the coal industry:

“The move could produce a dramatic makeover of the power industry, shifting it away from coal-burning plants toward natural gas, solar and wind. While this is the big move environmentalists have been yearning for…”

Clinton’s harsh anti-coal rhetoric was instrumental in her embarrassing performances in West Virginia and Kentucky. As Clinton tries to pivot to the general election, this endorsement by the NRDC Action Fund ensures that voters who care about this issue will not soon forget it.