April 12, 2016

By The Numbers: Clinton’s Campaign One Year Later

To celebrate the one-year anniversary since Hillary Clinton announced her candidacy for President, America Rising created a graphic to remind voters of the Clinton campaign’s missteps and self-destruction over the past year.

Clinton Campaign Launch

Since she announced her candidacy, we’ve learned that Clinton’s email server contained 2,115 emails marked “confidential,” “secret,” and “top secret,” despite her claims to the contrary, not to mention the five investigations open into her private server. It is no wonder 59 percent of Americans think Clinton is dishonest and untrustworthy.

Clinton’s mistakes have also forced her to announce four separate campaign re-launches. The first was intended for voters to forget about her campaign’s rocky start. The second was an attempt to distract voters from her email scandal. The third was quickly abandoned after backlash to Clinton comparing Republicans “terrorist groups.” The fourth was a plan to show her heart and humor.

Clinton also has a knack for not taking press questions; her longest stretch without taking questions from her traveling press is 87 days.

The Clinton Foundation made an appearance as well. In May 2015, the Clinton Foundation released a list of 97 paid speeches given by Bill, Hillary and Chelsea. Fees from this newly-discovered list of speeches went straight to the Foundation.

These blunders are probably why she has received the “Worst Week In Washington” title six times.

After one year and 17 lost Democratic primaries and caucuses, the remainder of 2016 is sure to be a challenge for the Clinton campaign.