March 10, 2016

NV Dem Snubbed By EMILY’s List

EMILY’s List once heralded Nevada Democrat Lucy Flores as an “inspiring community leader.” Apparently it no longer thinks so.

Today the pro-abortion liberal group endorsed multi-millionaire Susie Lee in her bid for Nevada’s 4th Congressional District. The endorsement comes as a huge blow to Flores, who is also vying for the seat. During her failed bid for Nevada Lieutenant Governor, Flores received resounding support from the group.

Although this is likely a disappointment for Flores, who was once considered a political rising star, it’s little surprise the group would withdraw their support. After getting thrashed in her LG race, Flores has seriously struggled to garner support from voters, coming in well behind her rivals in fundraising efforts. As more groups abandon ship, it appears Flores’ political future is just about sunk.