May 3, 2016

NV Democratic Hopeful Touts District Ties, But Doesn’t Live In District

In a recent interview, NV-04 Democratic Congressional hopeful Ruben Kihuen touted his upbringing in what is now the 4th Congressional District. However,

Kihuen does not currently live in the district he hopes to represent. Instead, Kihuen lives in the neighboring 1st District, which is represented by fellow Democrat Rep. Dina Titus.

Facing criticism over his residency issues, Kihuen has promised to move into the 4th District if elected:

KIHUEN: “The law as written, you don’t have to live in that district, but I have made a promise that when I get elected to representing Congressional District 4 that I will move into the district immediately.”

This isn’t the first time Kihuen has been caught district-shopping. When he first ran for Congress in 2011, he admitted that he would run in “whichever district includes the most Hispanic voters.”

Kihuen’s main concern is clearly the advancement of his career and he has proven he will stop at nothing to dupe voters into sending him to Washington, DC.