August 30, 2016

NYT: Clintons Need To Get Out Of The Clinton Foundation

The cavalcade of negative newspaper editorials for Secretary Clinton has been relentless in recent weeks. Nearly every major daily in the country has taken Clinton to task for her role in what appeared to be a pay-to-play scenario between Clinton Foundation donors and the State Department.

Today’s New York Times criticizes the Clinton Foundation’s “tangled alliances and operational opacity.” That’s a common refrain among critics who believe the Foundation is not being as forthcoming as it could be, particularly regarding foreign donations.

The Times adds:

[T]he foundation could do much more to distance itself from the foreign and corporate money that risks tainting Mrs. Clinton’s campaign. Its plans to restrict its funding sources only after the election will likely dog Mrs. Clinton.

A wiser course would be to ban contributions from foreign and corporate entities now. If Mrs. Clinton wins, Bill and Chelsea Clinton should both end their operational involvement in the foundation and its affiliates for the duration of her presidency, relinquishing any control over spending, hiring and board appointments.

The Times goes on to say that if Clinton follows through with her pledge to include husband Bill in her administration, he should cut his Foundation ties to “send a signal that Mrs. Clinton and her family have heard the concerns of critics and supporters and will end any further possibility for the foundation to become a conduit to the White House for powerful influence seekers.”

That, however, is a lesson that the Clintons have repeatedly demonstrated that they have not learned.