October 25, 2016

The Obamacare Front Pages Senate Democrat Wannabes Are Waking Up To

As it turns out, the Affordable Care Act isn’t very affordable. Yesterday the Obama Administration announced that premiums are going to skyrocket by an average of 25% in 2017. In addition to the pain it is causing millions of Americans, Obamacare’s fatal flaw has Democrats in a panic over how this will negatively effect their races:

“Yet the problems with the law are leaving Democrats exposed to GOP attacks. Republicans have been beating the drum about higher premium increases this year, which are on average about 25 percent for a benchmark plan, the administration said Monday.” 

With just two weeks until Election Day, Democrats running for Senate around the country are waking up to front pages in their states that have Obamacare’s massive premium increase on the front page. See below for front pages from many of the Senate battleground states:


Wisconsin Obamacare


Arizona Obamacare


Kansas City Obamacare


Florida Obamacare


Chicago Tribune obamacare Ohio:

Ohio Obamacare


PA obamacare