October 26, 2016

Obamacare Vote Has Evan Bayh Feeling The Pain

Obamacare premium hikes are hurting millions of Americans. In a bit of karmic justice though, perhaps no politician has been harmed more by Obamacare than DC lobbyist Evan Bayh. In this morning’s Wall Street Journal, Bayh’s deciding vote to approve Obamacare has accurately been described as one that is “haunting Evan Bayh”:

“But polls have tightened markedly as Mr. Young has reminded voters of Mr. Bayh’s second career in Washington and his vote for ObamaCare. As Mr. Young noted at a debate last week, health-insurance premiums have skyrocketed and insurers are begging to be bailed out.”

Bayh’s damaging Senate votes are not the only thing that has opened him up to ridicule. He has attracted so little enthusiasm in Indiana that the Wall Street Journal reported that during a retail campaign stop, the only people praising Bayh were Democratic operatives:

“On Friday, the trim 60-year-old dropped by King Ribs Bar-B-Q in west Indianapolis for a retail campaign stop. After chatting with some customers (who admitted to being Democratic operatives after praising Mr. Bayh), the candidate spoke with a small gaggle of reporters.”

The Washington Post has also found on the ground evidence that Bayh’s abandonment of the state has soured many Hoosiers on Bayh. The recent disclosure that Bayh was meeting with banking lobbyists the day of the bank bailout vote has only reinforced Congressman Young’s campaign message:

“All that came before portions of Bayh’s schedule from his last years in the Senate were leaked, showing him spending considerable time meeting with Wall Street and corporate executives who would later employ him. Those blows make Republican candidate Todd Young’s message resonate in his bid to defeat Bayh: ‘He left us to work for them.’”

Bayh’s rejection of Indiana for high paying jobs in New York and DC has made him a millionaire many times over. While wondering how his family will afford Obamacare premium hikes wont be something on his mind come Election Day, he had better believe it will be on the mind of many Hoosiers. His deciding vote to create Obamacare has never been more of a liability.