December 29, 2015

Obama’s World Tour Spotlights 3 Clinton Failures

President Obama plans to launch a world tour in the final months of his presidency, according to Politico, that will focus on trade deals, global terrorism, and climate change. Each step of the way, this tour will highlight Hillary Clinton’s failed record as Secretary of State and her dangerously out-of-step vision for the future.

Earlier in 2015, Clinton came out against the Trans-Pacific Partnership, Obama’s trade agreement that she had previously backed strongly as Secretary of State, not on its merits but in order to fend off attacks from the Bernie Sanders (I-VT) wing of her Party.

Just this month, Clinton admitted she and President Obama share the same failed strategy for combating ISIS, saying: “I think his take on what needs to be done is close to mine.” When detailing her plan, Clinton continues to tout failed programs she instituted at the State Department, including so-called “cyber security” plan that The Washington Post panned as “embarrassing” and “helpful to the enemy.”

Clinton has even praised the Paris climate deal, calling it “ambitious” and “an historic step forward.” But even current Secretary of State John Kerry called the deal a “paper tiger,” and noted that the agreement does not have a “an enforcement compliance mechanism.”

Unwittingly, President Obama’s international tour is exposing Clinton’s failures and revealing exactly why we can’t afford four more years of these failed policies.