May 8, 2016

Oh, Really? Clinton Claims FBI Still Has Not Contacted Her

During an interview with CBS News’ John Dickerson, Secretary Clinton continued to claim that she has not been contacted by the FBI regarding the investigation into her private email server and her handling of classified material.

DICKERSON: “Let me ask you about developments in the investigation into your email server. Apparently the FBI has contacted your team in terms of talking to you. What can you tell us about that?”

CLINTON: “No one has reached out to me yet but last summer, I think last August, I made it clear I’m more than ready to talk to anybody anytime, and I’ve encouraged all my assistants to be very forthcoming, and I hope this is close to being wrapped up.”

DICKERSON: “So nobody’s said, ‘Hillary Clinton, we’d like to sit down and talk to you,’ from the FBI?”

CLINTON: “Not at this point.”

That seems to directly contradict a CNN report this week that the FBI has already interviewed close Clinton aides and that a meeting with the former secretary “is expected in the coming weeks.”

The way the question is asked and answered is pure Clinton: enough wiggle room to be technically true but completely disingenuous, given the meaning behind the question. If the FBI is telling CNN that a meeting with Clinton is imminent, it strains credulity to think that Clinton has not been contacted.

Rather, what’s most likely is that Clinton’s lawyers have been in regular contact with representatives from the FBI and Clinton’s schedulers to set up an interview. Secretary Clinton knows that, but she and her team also know it’s bad optics to talk about the details of an FBI investigation on a nationally televised news program.