March 23, 2016

On ObamaCare’s 6th Anniversary, Clinton Confronted With Rising Costs

On this, the sixth anniversary of the passage of ObamaCare, America Rising is releasing a new video, “Costs,” which shows presidential candidate Hillary Clinton claiming that health care costs are going down for Americans, when evidence shows the opposite is true.

On at least three separate occasions, Clinton has been confronted by voters’ concerns during debates and town hall meetings over the rising cost of health care.

In Ohio, Teresa O’Donnell saw her health care costs rise from $490 per month to $1,081 per month for a family of four.

In Michigan, Frank Rauth told Clinton about his son who earns $29,000 annually but owed $240 per month for health care and was hit with another $140 charge when he filed his taxes because underestimated his costs.

In New Hampshire, moderator Martha Raddatz reminded Clinton that Americans with health insurance saw their costs go up 27 percent in the last five years and deductibles are up 67 percent. “Health care costs are rising faster than many Americans can manage,” Raddatz said.

By ignoring these very real concerns, Clinton has made it clear that she has no interest in addressing the rising cost of health care for millions of Americans.