January 17, 2016

On Sunday Morning Shows, Clinton Desperation In Full View

This morning, Secretary Clinton appeared on “Meet The Press,” “This Week, and “State of the Union.” That in itself is a sign that the Clinton campaign has changed its strategy. Happy to coast to the nomination, Clinton was a rare site on Sunday morning shows, but now facing plummeting poll numbers, Clinton and her team are in full desperation mode.

Yesterday, David Brock said he planned to attack Bernie Sanders (I-VT) for not yet releasing his medical records. The ageist attack was publicly repudiated by Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta, despite the fact that Brock coordinates directly with the campaign:

Meanwhile, Clinton was asked about this desperate attack and actually defended Brock on CNN, saying, “Well, I don’t know anything about it, but I’ve released my medical records, and I remember being asked frequently for me to do so, and so obviously that’s something I’ll leave up to the Sanders campaign.”

And on ABC, Clinton was asked if “age and health should be an issue in this campaign” and laughed off the question. So eager to find any wedge against Sanders, Clinton added, “You know, I put out my medical records. I think you’ve been around long enough to know, George, this is all part of the expectation.”

What’s causing this new, bizarre line of attack from Team Clinton, who as of about a month ago had nothing but good things to say about Sanders? NBC News has a thought. Check out this montage of Iowa voters explaining why they don’t like or trust Hillary Clinton:

And at the end of Jake Tapper’s interview, he asked Clinton about the FBI investigation looking into her email practices at the State Department. That investigation hangs like an unethical cloud over Clinton’s candidacy, and based on her reaction to the question, she knows it.

Anyone have a knife to cut through that tension?