November 9, 2015

On The Run From Obama Support, John Bel Edwards’ Desperate Ad Backfires

Democrats have been doing their best to insist that John Bel Edwards’ record of supporting President Obama’s policy agenda – including Obamacare – won’t hurt him in the Louisiana governors race. So why is he refusing to answer simple questions about the Obama presidency?

Democrats’ wishful thinking was laid bare by Edwards’ decision to dive deep into gutter politics and launch an attack ad that was immediately panned by political analysts as a sure sign of weakness. Here’s what they’re saying:

“[T]his isn’t ordinarily the kind of ad you run if you feel you’re comfortably ahead.” – Daily Kos

You don’t run an ad like this if you have a safe lead in the race. Edwards has been running well ahead of Vitter in recent polls, but this advertisement isn’t the type of thing a campaign puts out there when it is assured a political victory.”  The Times-Picayune’s  Julia O’Donoghue and Kevin Litten

“If John Bel Edwards is running this ad — no matter how many polls show Edwards above 50 — he is not in a comfortable position…the Edwards campaign must feel like it really has to go for it if they really want to hold on to this lead that they have in the polls” – Sabato’s Crystal Ball Associate Editor Geoffrey Skelley

“I think this might be the most vicious negative ad ever.” – “Meet The Press” Moderator Chuck Todd

Edwards initially stood behind his ad, pushing back even when the mother of a Louisiana soldier who died in action objected. New Orleans’ WDSU reported:

Kim Florich asks Edwards to pull the ad and says she is offended that images of Arlington National Cemetery are being used as background in the campaign spot.

The Edwards campaign tells WDSU the state representative responded to Florich in an email and that the campaign has no intention of pulling the ad.

But this morning, facing increasing blowback, Edwards reversed course and announced he would edit the ad:

This abrupt bait and switch sure doesn’t seem like a sign of strength –perhaps Edwards is learning that Louisiana voters aren’t buying the big government Obama agenda he’s selling after all.