October 28, 2016

Oops: Tim Kaine Heaped Effusive Praise On “Wonderful” Jim Comey On Sunday

On Sunday, Hillary Clinton’s VP pick Tim Kaine heaped effusive praise on FBI Director James Comey, calling him “a wonderful and tough career public servant.”

KAINE: “What I do know is this: that there was an extensive, as you know Bret, investigation by the FBI under the direction of a wonderful and tough career public servant, Jim Comey. Jim was in the U.S. Attorney’s office in the in the Eastern District of Virginia when I was the mayor of Richmond, and he’s somebody with the highest standards of integrity.”

But in a preview of a longer interview with Vice News, Kaine called Comey’s reopening of the FBI’s investigation into Clinton’s email server “troubling,” going so far as to question Comey for not giving “a clearer account” of the case.